Since as early as 50,000 BC, humans have taken to the sea to travel and trade. Technological advancements have enabled humans to travel further from land, opening the portal for faster and broader communication and trade between nations. Over the last few decades, the shipping industry has grown exponentially— both in number and in physical size of the ships. Today, more than 90% of international trade is carried by sea. Although shipping offers a cost-effective way to move en masse goods across the planet, it also poses the potential for greater global environmental degradation.

Smokestacks tirelessly pump chemical exhaust. Port dredging and pier construction destroy beaches and coastal habitats. Careless anchor droppings shatter and dislodge entire coral colonies. Accidental groundings result in cargo and fuel spills. Sea turtles and marine mammals are fatally maimed by boat traffic. Cruise ship propellers routinely churn up discharged ballast, grey, and black water. From the Arctic to the tropics, ships have undeniably made their mark on our blue planet.

As maritime traffic grows around the world, more and more ocean ecosystems will directly and indirectly suffer. Unless proper regulation and common sense are utilized, we’re all going overboard.


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Dear Representative,

Currently, over 90% of international trade is carried out on the ocean. While shipping via the sea can be cost-effective, it also has the potential to cause widespread environmental degradation. Reckless shipping can cause oil and chemical spills, the introduction of invasive species, animal collisions, and pollution. I am writing to you as a supporter of legislation that will defend our blue planet against reckless shipping. It is critical to limit the effects of the global threat of reckless shipping by taking action. Reckless shipping greatly affects our coral reefs, sea life, sea turtles, sharks and rays, polar seas, marine mammals, tourism and seafood industries, and our beaches.

Protecting marine ecosystems from the effects of reckless shipping requires urgent and global action, and we can set an example for the rest of the world. I urge you to enact and support legislation that protects and defends marine ecosystems from reckless shipping by focusing on reducing our CO2 emissions by as much as possible and using clean energy sources like wind and solar. Shipping is responsible for 8-13% of all black carbon, the biggest contributor to climate change in the Arctic Circle after CO2. Please also vote against legislation that would worsen the effects of reckless shipping.

Thank you for representing my views and for being an Ocean Hero!


Thank you, friend.

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