Road trip destinations for romantic summer vacations in the UK

There’s more to it than traffic jams and uninteresting service stations here in Britain. With some planning, you can avoid the gridlock and explore coastline routes, vast highlands, and picturesque villages.
There’s a genuine feeling of love and freedom that can be experienced when you take an old-fashioned UK road journey, particularly when you include interesting destinations, roadside attractions and the person you love in the driver’s seat.
These are the most romantic road summer excursions in the UK, So you can make plans for an unforgettable driving trip and possibly catch some sun. These are our top excursions:

The Black and White Villages of Herefordshire 40 miles

In the northern part of Herefordshire, there’s a collection of historic Black and White villages. They are romantic Medieval villages characterized by the twee, half-timbered black and white structures, cosy country pubs, and independent tea shops. They provide the tranquillity of life away from the bustle of cities with endless Zoom conferences.
There are also traces of Norman conquerors, like beautiful stone churches and the remains of castles that were built to protect themselves from Welsh incursions.
This trail is able to be explored via bike or car for a few hours or more and allows enough time for local food, drinks walking in the countryside and the rich history and culture. There’s enough time and taste Herefordshire’s famed cider and delicious food.

The Cambrian Way, Wales – 773 miles

Wales offers a variety of romantic locations and beautiful landscapes. The best of them is to travel on the ‘Cambrian Way driving route. The captivating drive extends from south to north Wales and through the country’s middle, mostly taking the A470.
Your journey begins in Cardiff, the Welsh capital Cardiff with numerous charming Spa Hotels to spoil yourself with, including the five-star St David’s Hotel, situated on Cardiff’s waterfront.
Continue across the south Wales valleys. Here, striking landscapes meet Colliery tradition.
Stop at the intersection and look around the breathtaking scenery and outdoor activities within the Brecon Beacons National Park. The amazing peaks and ridges create an eerie beauty and make for the perfect backdrop for road trip selfies.

Causeway Coastal Route

The famous road trip continues to grow in popularity due to television shows such as Game of Thrones and Derry Girls that showcase the beauty of Ireland and explore its rich history and heritage.
This scenic drive spans over 200 miles from Belfast towards Derry and is dotted with picturesque countryside, castles dating back to the past charming towns, and stunning coastal views.
Begin your summer in the vibrant city of Belfast and take an unforgettable stroll through the lights of fairy-lights-saturated Commercial Court before bagging a cosy booth in the chic Cafe Parisien for dinner.
Get out of the city and head towards the historical town of Carrickfergus and take a trip to one of the most well-preserved Castles of Norman style located in Ireland, Carrickfergus Castle. It is the ideal spot to enjoy a romantic picnic or stroll through defence walls.
Continue along the coastal road and then take a short deviation to the famed Dark Hedges. This spooky road lined with trees was the location for filming King’s Road in season 2 of Game of Thrones and is extremely popular with Game of Thrones fans. It’s also an excellent spot for fans to take an Instagrammable photograph of their road trip photos.