No matter who you are or where you’re from, your voice is integral in affecting change across our global ocean. The petitions you sign are organized by both your zip code and topic, so we can stand together, both geographically and on specific ocean issues.

CURRENTS submits petitions to governments at a global, national, and local level to present a united front in the fight to defend our global ocean, its inhabitants, and those who rely on it.

Donate with Confidence

No matter what ocean cause you’re passionate about, you can be confident that your donation will create real impact. As a program of The Ocean Foundation (TOF), CURRENTS’ transparency and impact is among the best of all nonprofits. TOF has achieved highest possible ratings on both Charity Navigator and GuideStar.

After you donate, we’ll send you timely updates on the impact you’ve had and what your generous gift has helped support, as well as relevant news and content about the topics you love. If you’re really into the nitty gritty, you can track your gift to see exactly how much went towards specific projects, credit card fees and overhead by emailing us. Rest assured, you’ll find your funds are used wisely and contributed towards programs that are truly making a difference.

CURRENTS by the Numbers

We are completely transparent on how your generous donations to the passions you choose are spent. 80 cents of every dollar raised goes to support your ocean passion. Your donation is pooled with donations from likeminded ocean heroes to provide thousands of dollars in grants to support conservation programs, researchers, and education projects around the world; groups and people dedicated to doing amazing, incredibly impactful work, who might otherwise go unknown. 10 cents of that dollar supports our research and grantmaking work to find, monitor, and evaluate these programs to ensure your donation is spent wisely and has the maximum possible impact. It also helps us market CURRENTS to find more ocean heroes to sign petitions and donate to the ocean causes you love. The final 10 cents supports The Ocean Foundation’s administration, finance and accounting, and ensures that your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law.