The sun has barely risen and you’re already on the water. All signs of the shore sink below the horizon when you feel a slight tug on the line. Your breath catches. The possibilities at the end of that nylon thread are limitless— a world record catch, an undiscovered species — everything’s possible.

Your kitchen brims with the aroma of the catch of the day. The recipe was your mother’s, but you’ve added your own twist — a new family favorite. Sitting around the table at last, you dig in as you’re regaled with everyone’s daily adventures and tall tales. For some, this is a great way to spend a day; for many more, it’s a way of life.

Today, over one billion people in developing countries depend on seafood for their daily source of protein. Unfortunately, it is exactly these same countries, which depend so heavily on the ocean and its countless goods and services, that are experiencing the brunt of its degradation. So vast and so powerful, the ocean seemed to exist out of the realm of human control or influence. Historically, people felt they could never take too many natural resources out of, or put too much waste into the water. This centuries-old belief is undermined by increasing evidence that human activities have taken a devastating toll on global marine health. A combination of the sheer number of people who use and depend on the ocean and the innumerable unsustainable practices people have and continue to adopt has bred a plethora of problems that plague the ocean on a global scale. Overfishing, pollution, climate change, and ocean acidification stress life under the waves.

The future of seafood and ocean recreation is not just about passing down family traditions and hoping the next generation can have the same fun. When it comes to defending our blue planet, we have to think of right now, of the billions of lives who depend on the ocean to survive.


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Dear Representative,

The seafood and tourism industries are critically important for economic growth, food production and human health. Currently, more than 3 billion people rely the ocean as their primary source of protein. The range of goods and services flowing from coastal and marine environments is currently valued at $3 trillion, contributing $359 billion to our national economy each year.

Unfortunately, human activity has taken a toll on ocean health. Over 85% of the world’s fisheries are classified as either fully exploited or critically overexploited. The seafood and tourism industries are threatened by unsustainable development, dirty energy, reckless shipping, illegal fishing, plastic trash, and climate change.

As your constituent and registered American voter, I urge you to enact and support legislation that protects and defends the seafood and tourism industries. This includes working towards stricter policies regarding pollution and unsustainable fishing practices, as well as voting against legislation that would worsen the seafood and tourism industries from the threats they already face. I implore you to lead the world through example by taking urgent action to ensure that the seafood and tourism industries flourish and thrive.

Thank you for representing my views and for being an Ocean Hero!


Thank you, friend.

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