Camper Sharing is an excellent method to hit the road in a motorhome, campervan or caravan

Have you ever thought about the possibility of a road trip vacation in a campervan, motorhome, or caravan?

Certain die-hards who love nature have become obsessed. They’ve decided to leave their traditional lives to live a full-time “Van Life” and become digital nomads. This is a bit extreme, but for the majority of us, just a handful of breaks scattered through the year, exploring new places that aren’t surrounded by tourist attractions and living a more natural life is perfectly acceptable.

It’s addictive. We find that having our campervan in our driveway is an experience that brings back wonderful memories of the holidays as well as a promise of many more enjoyable times without home.

You can lease your house on wheels.

Rent your campervan

Since we aren’t able to stay away all of the time, we have time for relaxation between trips, which means we are able to hire our campervan and earn extra money for our next vacation.

Hire a Camper Van

Campervans for hire locally from locals

There are plenty of people like us, which implies that even if they don’t have one of these mobile houses, it’s possible to rent one from owners such as us. Rather than having their vehicle stationary between trips, they could benefit from extra revenue. This is a perfect combination.

The platform for sharing campers, Yescapa, serves as the matching platform that connects private holidaymakers and owners and offers insurance to owners and renters and breakdown insurance.

Yescapa offers more than 12,500 vehicles across the majority of the countries of Europe: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain, Belgium, France, Portugal, and Italy, and this Europe-wide selection gives you an option to choose your destination.

If you’re new to this kind of vacation, you can consider this an Airbnb service, but with mobile homes.

What is the reason a “Van Life” holiday is the best option

“Van Life” travel makes it possible to escape the madding crowds simple and enables you to reach destinations that would otherwise be easy to overlook when you are connected to a hotel, after which you can move on when the mood is right.

A lot of times, camping-van parking areas are found near mountains or along the shoreline. It means that you may sleep under the stars and wake up to amazing sea views.

It’s, without doubt, the most cost-effective option to travel. It is also the only way you will meet like-minded people in the camper community, a friendly bunch who are willing to share their knowledge. People want to experience the same comfort that they feel at their homes.

Another advantage is that you’re independent. Based on your vehicle’s equipment, even when campgrounds or restaurants are shut, you can cook food at any time of night or day.

The only thing you have to be concerned about is the rules for camping sites and the laws for wild camping in your country.

Road trip destinations for romantic summer vacations in the UK

There’s more to it than traffic jams and uninteresting service stations here in Britain. With some planning, you can avoid the gridlock and explore coastline routes, vast highlands, and picturesque villages.
There’s a genuine feeling of love and freedom that can be experienced when you take an old-fashioned UK road journey, particularly when you include interesting destinations, roadside attractions and the person you love in the driver’s seat.
These are the most romantic road summer excursions in the UK, So you can make plans for an unforgettable driving trip and possibly catch some sun. These are our top excursions:

The Black and White Villages of Herefordshire 40 miles

In the northern part of Herefordshire, there’s a collection of historic Black and White villages. They are romantic Medieval villages characterized by the twee, half-timbered black and white structures, cosy country pubs, and independent tea shops. They provide the tranquillity of life away from the bustle of cities with endless Zoom conferences.
There are also traces of Norman conquerors, like beautiful stone churches and the remains of castles that were built to protect themselves from Welsh incursions.
This trail is able to be explored via bike or car for a few hours or more and allows enough time for local food, drinks walking in the countryside and the rich history and culture. There’s enough time and taste Herefordshire’s famed cider and delicious food.

The Cambrian Way, Wales – 773 miles

Wales offers a variety of romantic locations and beautiful landscapes. The best of them is to travel on the ‘Cambrian Way driving route. The captivating drive extends from south to north Wales and through the country’s middle, mostly taking the A470.
Your journey begins in Cardiff, the Welsh capital Cardiff with numerous charming Spa Hotels to spoil yourself with, including the five-star St David’s Hotel, situated on Cardiff’s waterfront.
Continue across the south Wales valleys. Here, striking landscapes meet Colliery tradition.
Stop at the intersection and look around the breathtaking scenery and outdoor activities within the Brecon Beacons National Park. The amazing peaks and ridges create an eerie beauty and make for the perfect backdrop for road trip selfies.

Causeway Coastal Route

The famous road trip continues to grow in popularity due to television shows such as Game of Thrones and Derry Girls that showcase the beauty of Ireland and explore its rich history and heritage.
This scenic drive spans over 200 miles from Belfast towards Derry and is dotted with picturesque countryside, castles dating back to the past charming towns, and stunning coastal views.
Begin your summer in the vibrant city of Belfast and take an unforgettable stroll through the lights of fairy-lights-saturated Commercial Court before bagging a cosy booth in the chic Cafe Parisien for dinner.
Get out of the city and head towards the historical town of Carrickfergus and take a trip to one of the most well-preserved Castles of Norman style located in Ireland, Carrickfergus Castle. It is the ideal spot to enjoy a romantic picnic or stroll through defence walls.
Continue along the coastal road and then take a short deviation to the famed Dark Hedges. This spooky road lined with trees was the location for filming King’s Road in season 2 of Game of Thrones and is extremely popular with Game of Thrones fans. It’s also an excellent spot for fans to take an Instagrammable photograph of their road trip photos.

Tips for Solo Travelling: Make it an Experience of a Lifetime

Every year, numbers of first-time solo travellers is growing, so if you’re planning your own solo vacation this year, you have made a right choice. Whether you’re a first-time solo traveller or a seasoned veteran, these tips will allow you to plan the experience of a lifetime.

1. Schedule a private tour.

In recent years, the number of solitary travelers purchasing private guided excursions has virtually tripled. You may tour the ruins of Rome with an archaeologist, sample tapas with a chef in Spain, and much more. Also, don’t assume that a solo tour is out of your price range.

2. Look for a group tour that is suitable for lone travelers.

Some solo travelers enjoy the security that a group tour offers. While most tour firms consider (and charge) in terms of a couple, some cater to single visitors. Some firms organize vacations by age group as well as by kind (such as a city tour or a hiking trek).

3. Make bookings for a fee-free tour

An increasing number of travel agencies have reduced or abolished the “single supplement” price, which formerly made it prohibitively expensive for solo travelers to participate. These fee-free trips greatly expand your financial alternatives.

4. Before you go, be informed.

Some would-be solo travelers are hesitant to embark because of their fear of the unknown. However, many worries may be addressed before making arrangements thanks to digital resources available nowadays.

Look through your social media for possible contacts in your travel destination. To avoid getting lost, search up internet maps and timetables for public transportation, as well as related apps like City Mapper. Make use of Google Maps to plan walking routes and familiarise yourself with the area surrounding your accommodation. The “nearby” feature can assist you in locating nearby eateries, food stores, and ATMs. The more you know, the more at ease you’ll be once you’re on your feet.

5. Plan your Stay at a Hoselt

If you’ve never been to a hostel before, it can be intimidating at first, but it’s one of the finest ways to meet people while traveling alone.

Apart from sharing space with some other people, many hostels offer opportunities to participate in parties and events where you can meet other travelers.

6. Bring a book to read.

If you’re sitting at a table alone, waiting for food, and feeling conscious about yourself, have anything to read. That will allow you something else to do while diverting you from the utterly baseless fear that you are being judged for dining alone.

7. Don’t overthink it; just do it.

Finally, the finest piece of advice is to quit overthinking and simply enjoy yourself. As you become used to the concept that going out to eat alone isn’t the end of the world, the awkwardness fades.

And failing to do so may mean losing out on fantastic gastronomic experiences as well as the opportunity to meet some friendly locals.

Final Words:

When it is about solo traveling, leave no stone unturned. A little planning and preparation will go a long way in keeping you secure, connected, and having fun.

Regardless matter where you go, it helps to be informed and ready. When you travel safely and confidently, you can focus considerably more of your time and exertion on what traveling is all about: having fun, making memories, and trying new things.

Must Haves of Traveling With Kids

When traveling with children, one thing is certain: the amount of stuff you need to pack for a vacation grows enormously. But that doesn’t rule out the possibility. Whether you’re traveling great distances or on a weekend road trip, there are a few essential items to include on your packing checklist for a family vacation that will make the overall experience smoother and more enjoyable. Our family travel specialists at Flight Centre have given their top recommendations for making traveling with kids a breeze.

Essentials of Travelling with Kids

This is the part to remember if you read nothing else in this post. Certain goods should always be included when making a packing list for a family vacation to avoid being caught off guard.

Medicines and first-aid supplies

To begin, always have drugs and a first-aid kit on hand, containing bandages and painkillers such as children’s paracetamol, antihistamines, and a thermometer.

A child’s gate

A baby gate could be a smart option if you’ll be residing in an apartment around toddlers or young children who crawl or walk. It will keep them safe and calm.

A set of spare clothing

Of course, you’re packing clothing for your vacation, but whether you’re flying or driving, it’s a smart idea to get a spare set of clothes on hand for both your children and yourself. No parent wants to be stranded on a plane for a lengthy amount of time with their child’s undesirable food, vomit, or worse, on their clothes.


Having enough food on hand which you know your kids eat is vital no matter where you’re going. For a car ride or flight, vegemite (or marmite, depending on which side of the fence you sit) is always a winner, as is pre-chopped fruit so that you can just give them when hunger strikes. Having ziplock bag bags available for the never-ending half-eaten products is a terrific method to reduce waste, and now that recyclable zip lock bags are available, the environment appreciates them as well.

Snacks, snacks, and more snacks for traveling – if you’re flying, giving the kids something to eat during takeoff and landing will soothe their ears.

Cutlery, plates, and sippy cups for children

Because most hotels and vacation rentals do not supply child-friendly silverware or tableware, bringing your own child-friendly goods is always a good idea to guarantee your child can feed themselves (at whatever stage they are at).

Packing Cibes

It’s fantastic to be able to separate your clothing, shoes, and underwear in a suitcase, but keeping kids’ toys neatly zipped up, putting filthy clothes in their own bag, and organizing kids’ outfits make every parent’s life simpler, trust us.

Encourage them to participate.

Just like we encourage incorporating your children in the preparation of a vacation to get them excited and educate them about what goes into it, encouraging them to participate in being responsible for their own stuff is a terrific lesson to teach them as well. Plus, if the kids bring their own food and games, you’ll have one less thing to worry about!

Is it Better to Travel to One Place or Multi places?

When traveling abroad, it’s alluring to attempt to see as many sites as possible in a single holiday. When you’re in Madrid, you instantly think of how close Barcelona is, as well as how close Paris and Lisbon are. Grand European trips begin to materialize in your notepad pages, and then before you realize it, you’re planning a month-long trip to ten countries.

On the other side, there are a number of compelling reasons to stay along. But, on the other hand, who knows when you’ll be able to return? Focusing on one place might be the secret to a rich and fulfilling journey, from acquiring a greater grasp of the local customs to establishing new friends.

With so many elements to consider, deciding which style of travel is appropriate for your scenario can be tough. That’s why we’ve outlined the distinctions between visiting a single location and visiting numerous locations. Make a list of the advantages and disadvantages and begin taking notes!

Traveling Multi Places

It’s simple to understand why someone may want to visit a neighboring nation. You may not even have another chance to visit that region of the world if this is a “once in a lifetime” trip. “But you were right there…why didn’t you travel to city or country X?” people will question.


You Can Do A Lot Of Things And Find Out What You Like:

The allure of seeing a famous monument, such as the Eiffel Tower, and experience the ambiance of an iconic location, such as the south of France, may make the numerous travel alternatives so enticing. It’s the kind of journey that gives you a variety of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Sure, you won’t like everything and will most likely come across some items that aren’t for you.


You Must Be Very Organized & Risk Being Burned Out

A vacation to numerous sites has one major disadvantage: it necessitates extensive planning, particularly if you also want to save some money. You must first evaluate your budget before buying your inexpensive international flights overseas. Traveling to many places might deplete your budget if you’re too impulsive. You can go around without wasting as much if you do your study and have the discipline to keep to your budget. Do your study ahead of time so you aren’t caught off guard by last-minute budgeting.

Visiting One Place

On the other side, getting to know a nation or place in depth may be really thrilling. It’s fascinating to watch how a country functions after the weekend has passed and the visitors have returned to their usual lives and homes. Discovering hidden jewels that aren’t listed as “must-sees” in guidebooks is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


It’s easier to form stronger bonds and it’s more relaxing.

The advantages of staying in a particular location for a lengthy period of time are not restricted to tourism attractions. Even in a major tourist location like Buenos Aires, you may meet with people who can help you understand better their home and culture. You can build a sense of belonging that is frequently lacking in visitors who arrive for a short period of time, do some sightseeing, and then return to their hotel rooms or hostels at night. Plus, if you become friends with any locals or long-term guests, it may evolve into a gratifying special relationship that will last beyond your vacation.


It might be tedious and make you feel trapped.

Taking a vacation to a single place without any other plans carries significant risk. Even though it’s generally a spectacular environment, there’s no assurance that wherever you choose to spend all your time will be interesting. You can find yourself there during the off-season or when global events compel everything to shut down. You may not even be able to leave early if you’re on a restricted budget and have a pre-purchased departure date.

So, which is the best option?

Which choice you select is basically a matter of personal taste and your individual scenario. Travel junkies and regular travelers may be able to justify immersion in fewer areas, whereas others with limited holiday time or budget may want to visit numerous sites in order to see more while they can. Does it really matter at this point, as long as you’re traveling and seeing new places?

How to Plan a Holiday Without Going In Debt?

Are you hesitant to arrange a vacation because you’re worried about the cost? There’s good news: arranging an amazing vacation on a limited budget is feasible with just some advance planning, flexibility, and reasonable expectations.

Small, smart savings can quickly accumulate and accumulate into a large payout. Furthermore, by employing money-saving strategies during your trip, you can prevent getting unexpected bills when you return home.

Teachers need winter and summer vacations, weekend trips, and summer vacations to recharge and relax during or after the academic year. Our advice on how to plan a holiday without going into debt can enable you to extend your money wherever and whenever you go so that you can go away without going into debt.

1. Begin saving right away.

It’s never too soon to start saving for a trip in the future. Long before you start planning a holiday, make a savings plan. Your savings plan can include the entire family and urge everybody to save a little money each week, from your teenager saving a few dollars from a nanny job to Mom and Dad donating a specific proportion of their income.

2. Make a travel budget.

Your savings plan and your budgeting go together. You want to avoid going into debt after the trip, so some planning ahead of time will help you reach that aim.

Take a hard look at your money and make a budget for your vacation. Decide whether you’ll utilize the whole vacation budget or just a portion of it and store the remainder for another trip if you’ve previously saved for it.

If you haven’t begun saving yet, consider how much you can put aside each month and how much time you have as you’re about to travel. Set a spending restriction that corresponds to your ability to save.

3. Locate a travel agent.

You probably figured that choosing a destination would be the third step in organizing a family holiday free of debt, a couple’s getaway, or a solo journey. But not so quickly! Travelers with planning will contact a travel company first.

Some luxury holiday planners charge a fee, but the majority of them are compensated through commissions on the cruise ships, hotels, and flights that they reserve for you. Because of their experience, expertise, and connections, you will not only receive free expert assistance, but you will also save time and money on your vacation.

4. Choose your destination.

If you don’t really have access to a travel agency, choose destinations that don’t necessitate the purchase of pricey airline tickets. If you wish to travel further afield by plane, start by looking into the airlines that fly into your local airport. Visit their websites and look for the “places we fly” links, or print their entire flight schedule. It’s a fantastic way to come up with low-cost vacation ideas.

5. Travel in the off-season

Low-season trips are less expensive because travel companies strive to sell as many aircraft tickets, car rental services, hotel rooms, and other services as possible.

6. Fly on a weekday or on a Saturday morning.

Set your reservation engine’s criteria to start with such days and hours because flying midweek and then on Saturday mornings is often less expensive.

Travel with a group

When you travel with friends or extended family, ask for a group discount when booking multiple hotel rooms or cruise cabins. Start by asking for group discounts.

Happy Holidays

Congratulations! You’ve worked hard for your money, and now it’s time to relax and start enjoying your vacation. Consider one of the final methods to prevent getting into debt on holiday before you leave. Don’t spend more than you normally would or what you have allocated for your vacation while on vacation. Because you’re on a holiday, don’t eat at pricey places that you wouldn’t eat at home. That is a formula for financial disaster rather than enjoyment.

There’s no need to be concerned if you really can calculate your trip budget, devise a savings strategy, and stick to it. You may truly avoid holiday debt if you look for it.

9 Tips for Travelling in Winters

Cold weather is enjoyable, but if you’re unprepared, it can be a real drag. Here are 9 suggestions for preparing for a winter vacation.

Wear layers rather than a bear suit.

While it may be tempting to prepare for the approaching chilly conditions by purchasing a single thick, enormous hairy/puffy jacket, having many layers in your suitcase is far more sensible. As a result, you may remove or add layers as needed to accommodate changing weather conditions. And packing fluffy goods may be a problem. Which layers you should bring will depend on your personal preferences and practicalities. Fleece, hoodies, jumpers, collared shirts, t-shirts, thermal (polyethylene) long underwear, jeans, and woolly socks are among the essentials.

2. Wear your heaviest clothing when flying.

If packing space is limited, it makes sense to wear a few bulkier items from one location to the next. Jackets that are puffy fit neatly into the overhead locker as well.

3. A jacket that is waterproof

Because cold and damp go together, a waterproof hood-to-hip layer will become your closest buddy. Your favorite fold-up brolly won’t cut it because snow, sleet, and rain rarely come without a brisk breeze.

4. Beanie hat

We don’t lose body heat via our heads any more than we do through any other body part, contrary to widespread assumption. However, because the typical human skull makes up around 7% of our total surface area, blocking the warm brilliance of your precious noggin with a beanie still distinguishes between warmth and agony.

5. Scarf

Imagine taking a photo in a snowy location without a scarf! This is the ONE thing that allows you to boast to your friends, family, and following about how chilly it is. In addition, it keeps your neck warm. Choose a broad one so it may be used as a blanket on the bus, train, or aircraft.

6. Gloves

When temperatures dip to near zero or below, a strong pair of thin, wind- and water-resistant gloves helps you keep a functional degree of finger dexterity. If you’re fumbling for your rented-car keys to fetch & fit snow chains as a storm approaches, the puffy, ski variety may be essential for snowboarding, but they’re not much help if you’re fumbling for your rental-car keys to get and fit snow chains as a blizzard approaches. Top tip: High-tech conductive fiber is now available in certain light to mid-weight versions, allowing you to enjoy precious touchscreen time without having chilly fingertips. Snapping treasured snow chains into place.

7. Boots

If you’re going to be out in the snow for an extended period of time, you’ll need the correct footwear. A good all-arounder that can carry you from rough mountain terrain to the icy powder and slush of the ski slope shouldn’t cost more than $200. Look for full-grain leather with good rubber waterproofing from toe to heel, as well as a well-defined tread on the sole for maximum traction in slick weather.

8. Weather App

Outside of the tropics, winter weather is notoriously very unpredictable, making a good weather app vital for any trip into the cold. True, almost every device comes with a weather app, but if the weather turns bad, you’ll need something that can provide you with more information than just the predicted temperature as well as the likelihood of rain. A good weather app will provide you with precise predictions, wind and visibility information, real-time radar imagery, and severe weather warnings. The Weather Channel, 1weather, and Carrot Weather are among the top free applications. You may even set those to deliver your projections with varying degrees of sarcasm.

9. Thermos

The finest wintery locations are often out-of-the-way day outings that are well beyond the reach of anybody with a coffee machine – or any other means of providing you anything hot you can internalize – and are well beyond a snowball’s throw from anybody with a coffee maker. The modest thermos comes to the surface in this situation. Fill it with your favorite hot beverage before leaving civilization, and it will become your most cherished traveling buddy for the day.