My name is Anna and I’m 22. I’m currently at San Francisco State University, working towards a degree in environmental studies and a minor in holistic health. My sister’s name is Veronica, to her friends she’s known as Veeka, but to me she’s just V. She’s 24 now but ever since we were little V dreamt of being a fashion designer. However, her being the older, more responsible sibling, she went to university, got a sensible degree in economics and took the first tech job that presented itself to her. As time went on and her distaste for the cubicle life developed, her passion for designing swimwear grew stronger. Eventually, after many conversations with me, she decided to give her dream a chance and took the first steps towards starting a swimwear line. Once she took the plunge and began turning her ideas into reality, I quickly hopped on board. From that point on we developed her original ideas, collaborated and made Veeka Swimwear what it is today.

Having been born and raised in The Bay Area we’ve spent all our lives near the ocean. At an early age we developed our love and respect for the ocean and as we got older, we didn’t stray far from it. V went to university at UC Santa Barbara, where she spent four years living by the beach. During those years her dream of being a fashion designer transformed into designing swimwear, as she spent most of her days there in a bikini.

Veeka has become a way for my sister and I to combine our passions, and create something that we are both so proud of. On V’s end she’s been able to design and create luxurious, fashion forward pieces. On my end I’ve been able to apply the knowledge I’ve acquired in order to shape a sustainable, earth friendly company. We put our strengths together, combined them with our shared love and passion for the oceans, and began our partnership with CURRENTS.

…we’ve committed to a zero plastic packaging policy. Plastic is unnecessary, and the most common item we find whenever we clean the beach.

We LOVE the ocean. It’s just this magical world that is so incredibly complex and awesome. The ocean provides countless vital services, like absorbing massive amounts of our carbon waste, producing oxygen, and contributing to the conditions on Earth, which have allowed life to flourish. Those are just to name a few. Not to mention the intrinsic value of the ocean itself. An entire world, with so much life and wonder, a perfectly designed system that provides for all creatures who are a part of it. I mean I really could go on and on about what I find amazing about the ocean. Among all of these reasons, the ocean is so dear to us because of our personal relationship with it. During times of stress and anxiety, the beach and the ocean provide a sanctuary, where peace can be found. Most of our favorite travel memories are of times we spent exploring different beaches around the world. There’s even something about going to the beach or swimming in the ocean that just cures our hangovers instantly. Again, I could go on and on. My point is that the ocean does SO much for us, and for everyone on Earth. The way I see it is, that’s the oceans way of expressing its love. And, we love the ocean. So, we want to express our love in return. We want to do whatever we can to help because sadly, our oceans are suffering, and it’s largely because of us humans. We hold to the belief that you care for the ones that you love. That’s why whenever we’re at the beach and we see trash, we make a point to pick it up. That belief is also why we decided to make Veeka Swimwear a brand that does something good for the oceans.

There is no single threat to our oceans that takes precedence in my mind over others. All of the threats to the ocean are correlated with one another. That is why we are so stoked to be partners with CURRENTS. With such a broad reach over many different areas of concern, we are looking forward to making an impact in all aspects of ocean conservation from helping marine mammals, sharks, and sea turtles to helping rid the oceans and coastlines of destructive and harmful waste.

Fundamentally, the fashion industry and the environmental movement are on opposite ends of the spectrum. The fashion industry is responsible for an immense amount of waste and pollution, all affecting the oceans. This is where Veeka Swimwear differs. We have placed great thought into all aspects of our brand, doing our best to create a product that has the least amount of negative impact on the environment. We’ve sourced our fabrics from a textile manufacturer that prides themselves on their environmental stewardship. Our materials and suits are sourced and made in the US, in order to reduce carbon emissions associated with importing materials. Most importantly, we’ve committed to a zero plastic packaging policy. Plastic is unnecessary, and the most common item we find whenever we clean the beach.

Veeka swimwear is an expression of our love, love for the planet, the oceans and our love for aesthetics. We are new to the swimwear industry however our brand offers a fresh perspective. We’ve created something we felt was missing in the market; trendy swimwear that also contributes to a greater cause. With Veeka Swimwear, there is no need to sacrifice style in order to do good. We’re bridging the gap between traditionally fashion forward pieces and products with a conscience.

Creating this brand has been a passion project. It’s been about turning my sister’s dreams into reality as much as it has been about putting my passion and love for the oceans into action. Veeka Swimwear is for salty babes with sweet dreams. Aka for the honey’s who love to frolic in the ocean, are passionate about something, whatever it may be, and who are going out there and making sh*t happen.

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